This is my main home page. It is just about myself because I wouldn't know what else to put up. I have to note that this page has been made many many years ago, and even though it is accurate as of that time, it is sorely outdated. I am not good at updating things, having to many projects as it is...


If you are here, you eather clicked randomly on something out in the wide sea of links, or you are curious about me. So... I'm dedicateing this page to all of you.

I have a few names, the name my human parents gave me is Eric Petersen, the name I have from my draconic side is Kier Dran, and the nickname I used a LONG time agao when I was new to BBS's and the Internet is FireDragon (Which many of my friends just call me dragon).

My love and mate Jeanna (Sometimes refered to as Pink Fox, or Najla). She is a newer addition to my life. I knew when I first met her that we were right for each other.

Note about the page

I know how to do wonderfull HTML code, but the dragon side of me makes me quite lazy and I would spice this page up, but it works so.. I'll get to it someday... (That means if I'm eather VERRY BOARD, or someone pokes me untill I do it, it might happen)

Note about the site

I created this web site (firedragon.com) To host my web page, and be a place that I can give all of my friends and family a place to have a email address and a place to host all of their homepages and what ever miselanious items they would like to share with the online comunity. It is ran from my spare bedroom in my home, ran by a dedicated T1 which I have a full network of dedicated IP's to play with.

Misc things about myself

What do I do
I currently work for Hewlett-Packard doing computer, network, and electronic support for a test orginization. I have so many, to many, projects. If I stop thinking up new projects I will still not have enough time in my draconic life to finish them all!

I have to say that my lazyness is formost of my traits. Unless I have a real reason to do something, it usuialy dosen't get done. This is one of the traits from my dragon half that I don't nessisarily love, but it is part of me. For that matter, I only revize this page when there is a new person to show it to. (The current revizement on 09/21/03 is for AraKaraath) The prior revizement was... in 1995 (Did I mention lazy?)

My interests
I love everything! The top things I love are:
Computers(I have lots),
Video Games(I love all games, I've bought almost all game systems and I'll NEVER get rid of any of them *OO... an Atari 2600!*),
Electronics(Where do I start),
Anime/Manga(I have enough Anime to drive arround the world in a car watching anime and not see the same one twice),
Ham Radio(Always fun, radio tracking, speaking arround the world),
Lego's(If they were not as EXPENSIVE I would still be collecting them),
Anything Dragon(Wasen't always the case)
Makeing Chain Mail(Old armor NOT CHAIN LETTERS!)

My Human Side

The first thing is my outter apearence, Here is a stat block.
(I love these from all the Anime games).

Name: Eric Petersen
Birthdate: January 26, 1976 (Year of the Dragon)
City of Birth: Boise, Idaho, USA
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue-Green
Weight: 145lbs
Height: 6'0''

My Dragon Side

I am in physical form a human. There is a part of me which is definitly not a human, and it is my beleif that it is that of a dragon. We are one and the same person, if that side of me wasen't here, I wouldn't be me. I couldn't deny the other side even if I wanted to(I did once if you read below)

I have several ideas of why or where the dragon side of me is here, and how long I've been arround, but it's all speculation. The only thing I have to guide me is my odd feelings and some vivid dreams which I beleave are memorys bleeding into my sleep.

My draconic side is that of a dragon who is half silver and half red. I am about 8'6'' tall/long (Excludeing tail) and 850lbs. My coloration is a silvery red covering me ridged in a shiny black and bleading into my underbelly of a pure white silver.

Just so everyone knows, Color dosen't mean a specific personality. A popular RPG system tokened this, but it is untrue in real life.

The realization

I'll start in the begining...

I have always had the feelings and energy I get from my dragon side throughout my entire life. I was always drawn to draconic things slightly, but it wasen't till I was 15-16 that I really relized it.

When I finaly relized I was part dragon, I chose to deny my heritage and resolved to ignore any of my draconic feelings and stay away from anything dealing with dragons. (I miss a lot of things I got rid of at that time)

I did this for 2-3 years. I didn't feel good, I was depressed internaly often, but I didn't want people to know. I wanted to be *" NORMAL "*, which now I look back on and think I was just being idiotic.

Then, a close friend in which I opened up to, relized that I was hideing something. He, after a LOT of talking, convinsed me that I was being stupid denying myself. After some serious soul searching I finaly came to terms with myself and accepted me as me.

Dragon Code

I refuse to use the new dragon code.. Call me nestalgic.

DC.D f++ s++ h+++ CSR ad++++ ah $ m d+++ WL++* Fr^^^ L16mt5 BF e++ g- i U

Ok.. and here's the new dragon code... DC2.D Gm L+ W T Pf Sks C"RS"^ B? A+++! Fr++ Nf M+++! O H+++ $ Fc~ R+++! Ac+++! J S+++ U+ I-- V++ Q Tc+++! E Df
If you wish to contact me, you can email me at kier on the system firedragon.com


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