Wise Words

* You can always ask over the lines for help, our players will happily point you to the correct help-file or bulletin board.

* As a new player all boards and rules may seem a bit overwhelming, the most important thing to remember is to use your head. You should probably begin with <help newbie> and continue from there. <help rules> and <help faq> are other documents we require you to read.

* Since most of us are humans in real life it might feel boring to play a human in the game. Yet it is 'easier' than playing an elf or any other races because the rarer races are held to a slightly higher standard of role-playing.

* Our naming conventions are listed in an easily-accessed help file. You access it by typing <help names>, be sure not to miss it.

* "Is it just me or isn't it really really REALLY pathetic to be cheating at a RPing game?"