ShadowGate is a Role Playing MUD. Traditionally these terms don't go together. We are making our best attempt to provide for those who want the functionality of a mud but RP as well. By logging into ShadowGate you agree to at all times attempt to abide by the rules of Role Playing outlined in <help roleplaying> in the internal mud helpfiles and <help rules>.

You also agree to abide by the following set of rules. All players are expected to play and have fun. If these are not happening for you, you should leave or mail authorities respectively. We also ask that minors (under 18 years of age) review these rules and the RP outline with your parents.

In general, common sense should be used with regards to legal and illegal actions. If you have a question about whether what you are doing is legal or not, ask a wiz. The consequences will be much less severe than if you are caught exploiting either a bug or a feature of the game.

The goal of everyone here (yes, even the immortals) is to make playing fun. If everyone keeps this in mind, then it will be a good experience.