ShadowGate is a Role Playing MUD. Traditionally these terms don't go together. We are making our best attempt to provide for those who want the functionality of a mud but RP as well. By logging into ShadowGate you agree to at all times attempt to abide by the general rules and the rules of Role Playing outlined below.

You also agree to abide by the following set of rules. All players are expected to play and have fun. If these are not happening for you, you should leave or mail authorities respectively. We also ask that minors (under 18 years of age) review these rules and the RP outline with your parents.

In general, common sense should be used with regards to legal and illegal actions. If you have a question about whether what you are doing is legal or not, ask a wiz. The consequences will be much less severe than if you are caught exploiting either a bug or a feature of the game.

The goal of everyone here (yes, even the immortals) is to make playing fun. If everyone keeps this in mind, then it will be a good experience.

1: Golden Rules

A. Immortals have created this game with a goal and vision in mind. This vision is the goal of their actions. Their reward comes from the successfull movement toward this goal. Ultimately this goal is to make ShadowGate as successful a role playing environment and as near to Table top situation as possible in a MUD environment. Their actions are all geared toward the furtherance of this goal. Therefore, immortals' words are final. They also can act outside of the rules listed here when it is in the best interest of the MUD. Immortals are also human. They can act rashly and improperly. You can appeal decisions made by an immortal to LAW. This can be done by MUD mailing law, or mailing The word of law is final.

B. Players have the right to play the mud and enjoy themselves within the scheme of the MUD. That means within the role playing, functional, intended and logistic limits of the game. If you don't have fun playing DaD MUD, you do not have a right to make it fun for yourself by making it a cyber MUD. If you don't like role playing you do not have a right to simply not. If you want to RP and play a DaD mud you have a right to play here and have fun.

C. In general, overt criticism of the MUD is unwanted and will result in bad feeling. If you have suggestions as to improving the MUD or the playing environment please feel free to share it. We understand that we are not perfect and can always improve. However, like all humans we do not appreciate simply being told we "suck".

2: Concerning OOC

A. OOC means out of character. OOG means out of game. OOC is as your player not as your character. OOC should has its place on the MUD. This is best used when speaking about the game in general, asking functional questions, or making suggestions/comments. OOG has NO place on the MUD. ShadowGate is not a meeting ground for long lost friends. ShadowGate is not a cyber dating service. Email addresses, ICQ, AIM, etc information should not be exchanged on the MUD. If you are caught you will be at least jailed, at most removed completely. Please refer to the help roleplaying for more information.

B. Using any out of game advantage, such as real life relationships, is frowned upon. This means information as well as roleplaying situations. Just because two people are friends in real life, that does not mean their characters are not bitter enemies. This means that the paladin and antipaladin who are sitting next to each other at the computers should not be partying all over the place.

C. Quitting or disconnecting out of battle is an unfair advantage. Think about it, how would you like it if the dragon you were fighting suddenly decided to quit and come back in a few hours? If you are caught doing this, you will receive the penalty of the death you were trying to escape.

D. Use of offerall as an RP tool is forbidden. Offerall is a tool provided so that a player can get rid of unwanted equipment. Offerall is not to be used in an attempt to hinder other players. Offerall is considered an OOC device and falls under OOC advantages.

E. Trying to exact an IC action against an inactive person is illegal. This includes attacking, animating, attacking horses, and all other IC actions. This includes waiting for the moment they go active and stabbing them. Conversely, inactive is an OOC action. Using it to avoid combat etc is the same as quitting out. Inactive includes edits as well in both cases.

F> Mail is an OOC tool. Using it to communicate around languages or distances is illegal. The only IC action through mail is the legal bounty voting.

3: Concerning multi characters

A. We allow a single player to have multiple characters. We believe that at times you may want to play something different, get away from a current character. We frown upon having armies of other characters. We feel that the MUD's greatest experience is the continued dedication and connectedness with a single character. It may take a while to find the character that has the personality and situation that best fits for you. We ask that you use the ability to make multiple characters with respect to the goal of making ShadowGate a community of meaningful characters.

B. Having two characters logged on at the same time is illegal. If you are seen doing this, both characters will be rid.

C. Giving away characters is illegal. If you don't want to play a character anymore, suicide , ask to be rid, or just stop playing (inactive characters are rid after 2 months).

D. Switching between characters is bad roleplaying, and if you are seen doing it enough, then your characters will be linked. This means when you get into a situation with your thief and you suddenly decide that your cleric could kill this monster (or player) or get that item easier and do the appropriate player switching. Wanting to stop playing one character and start playing another under normal circumstances is reasonable. If you are switching between characters, quit and don't just disconnect. If you are disconnecting and reconnecting, we will probably assume you are doing something illegal.

E. Giving items and/or money between your own characters is illegal. If you are caught doing this in ANY way, the items/money will be taken away. If you keep doing it, your characters will be linked or jailed or rid.

F. Talking about "your other chars" or refering to your other chars in a manner that tells people you are they is considered bad RP and illegal use of OOC information. If caught you will be jailed. This also applies to talking about other people's characters in an OOC sense.

G. The implication of these rules is that your characters can not know of each other. They can never have met, never have had any interaction. This means that your characters can not have any relation. They can not be brother and sister, husband and wife, etc.

H. All characters must have a valid email address set. If your email address changes you should change this address. This is for three reasons. We track characters by email. If you ever have problems with a password, or registration and you need to email the administration, if the email you use and your email set don't match we will ignore the message. We on occassion have had to send mass emails to people concerning the mud or its server.

4: Quests

A. Quests exist in many forms. We commonly term them as quests, mini quests, random quests and avatar quests. They are all made to add more structure to the adventuring lives of the characters. Many people have had lots of fun figuring out quests. This is what we are striving for in the quests.

B. Giving out quest information is illegal. This means telling someone how to do a quest as well as walking them through it when you already know how to do the quest. People partying to to do a quest for the first time is fine. There are also areas that are considered "quest-like" - this basically means there is some trick to getting out. Telling someone how to get through one of these areas will be treated the same as a true quest. If you are caught giving out quest information, you will be warned once and then rid.

C. You may not lead people through quest areas. If you are providing (hired mercenary) to people adventuring through quest areas you may not provide any information about the quest or specials. You will have to absorb the effects of the other character's decisions. This protection must remain at a reasonable level. If the character has no chance of surviving on his/her own and is staying alive solely by your presence this would also be considered breaking the quest rules.

5: Inter player relations/inter character relations

A. As an environment of people from across the global coming together to play as other beings in another world. There are obviously some interaction problems that arise. As already stated, there should be no OOG interactions here. However, RL personalities may clash over IG (In game) issues. Typically we should all act as adults and treat the others as such until they prove to be otherwise.

B As characters, interactions should be based solely upon role playing reasons. OOG problems should not drive the actions of your character, nor should OOG concerns or relations. The paladin should not allow his RL girlfriend the antipaladin to slay small children without recourse, just because they are in a relationship.

C. Multikilling is illegal. If you kill someone who has recently died (and has not had a chance to re-equip) without provocation, that is multikilling. If the recently deceased comes back and attacks you and you kill him or her, that is not multikilling. If you are caught multikilling, you will be jailed or rid. Please note that if a person is reequiped or appears to be reequipped but not in sufficient situation to be considered "back in game" then that person is still off limits. The accepted time limit is 20 to 30 minutes after gaining back some measure of equipment. That time limit, however, is not a point at which you may simply kill them again. Just use some sense and think about how you are after you've died.

D. When you are under multi-killing protection you should simply attempt to re-equip and make yourself ready to re-enter the game. This is considered an OOC time. You should not RP during this time. RPing during this time would be considered back in game. Multi-kill protection is also not a shield through which you can loot, swear, insult. If you do any of this, then your multi-kill protection is lifted.

E. Swearing at or directly abusing someone over a public line is illegal. Excessive references to real life over public lines is bad roleplaying. Your lines will be removed at the discretion of any wiz online. They may or may not be returned, also at the discretion of a wiz. If you have a problem with lines, mail law and they will make a decision.

F. Harrassing someone in any situation is illegal. What we consider harrassment is the unwanted inclusion of real life in the mud or the mud in real life. If you are 'bothered' in character, then respond in character. If you feel that it is beyond the game, then please contact a wiz.

G. Female characters are not entitled to help any more than male characters. A player should neither seek nor be given help simply because she is female.

H. Much of the fun of the game is adventuring and discovering the MUD. Part of this fun is ruined when people are given things and secrets. Proliferation of equipment to those that cannot get it, is frowned upon highly, and if you do it often, you will be punished, especially equipment given to newbies and low mids. Any equipment sold should be at a steep price. Penalties include the standards of jail and rid for multiple offenders, and desting of equipment given, and what could be seen as intended to give.

6: General Conduct

A. There are some common sense things that apply to any game. When playing a game of Monopoly, there is not a rule stating "Don't rob the bank" yet clearly that is not allowed. The game has a spirit about it and if you work against that spirit regardless of a direct reference to that action in the rules you are in fact breaking the rules.

B. You may have noticed, there was no lawyer class available. Reciting rules to the immortals and especially to LAW, will create far more ill will then anything else. I would highly advise NOT trying to play a lawyer.

C. Scripts and triggers are illegal. If you are caught using them, you will be warned once, then rid if you continue.

D. Using emotes to "talk" is illegal. If you wish to customize your speech pattern use speech. You will have your emotes taken away if you use emotes to talk. Emotes are for physical descriptios. You look at bob in wonder. You sigh quickly toward wilber.

E. Using the lines, or information heard on the lines, for IC actions or interactions is not allowed. typically your lines will simply be removed. If you continue to abuse the lines, we will interpret this as a refusal to play the game as intended and simply remove you.

F. Shouting has a warning when you use it, and you should read it sometime if you do use it. It is not necessary to shout unless it is an emergency. Wizes who are online usually listen to the lines, try asking for help there first. If you get no response, try typing who and tell a visible wiz if you need help rather than shouting. Remember, when you ask for help and are invisible, a wiz has no idea who you are.

G. Logging out at the 2 minute warning is expected of all characters who are in a position to log out. This means people who are not in combat and not in an area of risk of logging into combat. If you do not follow the large yellow warning you risk potential punishment and/or loss of equipment.

7: Bugs

A. Bugs and features are a common source of problems. Bugs fall into two major catagories, things that are broken, (true bugs) or features that interact with other features in an unrealized or unforeseen manner. Some MUDs spend (literally) years testing and retesting areas, functionality etc, trying to track down the bugs. We on ShadowGate feel that we serve the MUD better by doing the basic testing and play testing, and then allowing the populace to play in the area. We improve the MUD at a greater rate and we can let the player base help us shape things as we go more effectly. This, however, can create situations where things are broken, both for the benefit and detriment of the player. This will also introduce functionality that may conflict with other functionality. We expect players to always report these situations.

B. Exploiting bugs is illegal. If you think you are getting something too easily, then you probably are and it is most likely a bug. If you are not sure, ask a wiz. If you are caught exploiting a bug, you will be jailed and whatever you have gained illegally will be taken away. If you continue, you will be rid.

ShadowGate's Interpretation of Role-playing.

Role Playing is the total assumption of a role separate from that of your own. This implies that you become the person you are playing. This entails when entering the virtual world of ShadowGate you become totally the character you are playing, assuming that characters attributes including intelligence, age, etc. You should also completely leave the real world behind. Forget who you are IRL and become Conan or Grimsaddle or Fletch. Conversely, when you log out of the MUD you should leave it behind. Don't take the mud to RL just as you don't take RL to the MUD. Two different worlds, two different people.

When Rolling your character you are given ample opportunity to affect attributes of the character. When a character is completed we assume that you will take on all the attributes you have. For example, if Fletch the archer rolled a 3 charisma, we expect that his description and personality should reflect this (note we don't use comeliness so charisma encompasses appearance). We have age, weight, height here. All these things should be considered when RPing.

Alignment is an important part of your character. When you choose an alignment on ShadowGate, you are declaring the way your character thinks morally and politically. It declares the nature of your thought and actions upto the point of your creation (note that you could have had 8 to 500 years of life before entering the realms of adventure) Alignments should guide your character's thoughts. It should guide your character's actions. This isn't to say that a Evil person can't do something good, but the reason for doing that good should be clear.

Interactions on SG are what make the RP. Your interactions should be driven by your personality. Remember to leave RL in RL, assume the other person will do the same. Interactions are real to THIS world. That means that any type of interaction possible in the REAL world could theoretically be done in THIS world. When interacting with people, remember its your character and their character. There is no connection to the real world and your person.

Interactions of any sort that are within the bounds of RP are legal.

However, some may make people feel uncomfortable and take the fun of the game away. That person can at that point, through any means necessary, make a statement along the lines of "OOC I am not comfortable with this". The other person/people involved should at this point STOP, immediately and forthwith. Any actions that are being taken can then be assumed to have been completed and everyone can RP from that point, or the line of RP can be dropped entirely. If you do not STOP at this point, this is would be considered a violation of the Role-playing standards. You would be subject to multiple forms of punishment. If someone does not stop please send the complaint with log to an administrator. Note, this is a situation that quitting out is acceptable.

Please note that using OOC information or actions is also a violation of the RP standards. For example, using an outside chat method to communicate with a fellow mudder, using quit to escape from a legit RP situation.

We truly feel that fun is achieved when you play a single character to the maximum of the mud's capabilities. The more the mud becomes a community the more the mud will feel real and the more fun it will be. All your MUD experiences should shape your character. This means playing through bad ones as well as good ones. If you were to RP yourself into a bad situation and then give up on the character, what have you accomplished? How will your character grow?

Finally, we are always looking for ways to improve the role play on the mud. Always feel free to main constructive suggestions to the immortals