You can choose to play one of a multitude of different races here on Shadowgate. Although, for the first-time players we do recommend the human since some of our other races demand that you have spent quite some time out "in the field" to know how it should be played in our setting.

Currently these are the races we support here at ShadowGate.

Humans, Elves, Half-elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, Halflings, Firbolgs, Voadkyn, Beastmen, Wemics, Ogres, Half-Ogres, Ogre-Magi, Orcs, Half-orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Gnolls, Bugbears, Kobolds, Drow* and Half-drow*.

This might change in the future.

Additional information about the different races can be found in the internal mud help files by typing <help racename> i.e. "help human", "help halfling".

*These races are only available by immortal approval.