MUD History

ShadowGate was started in the fall of 1994. It was originally conceived by two people who loved AD&D and wanted to replicate it in MUD form. We still hold the memories of Melnmarn and Aragorn dear. Their original vision of a self-contained world of interaction and role-playing is still the driving force behind the MUD today.

These great gods eventually left their newly created world. But they had had help. The God Thorn had come into being; he was the God of all things magic. The Deity Tristan came into being as the god of all things roguish. Pator was the deity of druids. GreyHawk a diety of areas.

Since that time there have been many immortals to come and go. There have been many additions to the world of ShadowGate. There have been wars between players, wars between immortals, wars between players and immortals (immortals won).

In the end, life continued. The adventurous adventured, the talkative talked. The weak feared and the fearful were weak. The world continued.