The staff at ShadowGate would like to thank the following fine artists for sharing their work with us in the .Classes section.

The links will take you to the web pages of the named artists. It is well worth the time to visit them because they are talented. Perhaps you will even find some ideas for new characters while viewing their work.

Yerin Yoo, spirit of revenge (the Antipaladin)
Vasilis Zikos, Nayah Stormsinger, musing bard (the Bard)
Richard Yang, (the Ranger)
Kevin H. Yankey, Cleric Quinn Brecchian (the Paladin)
Antti Ala-Tauriala, (the Thief)
Judit Smits, (the Mage)
Torsten Gunst, (elven cleric)

Other images were found scattered around the net.